curriculum of computer

Department of computer engineering offers a syllabus that helps the students to build and shape their career. The department offers courses that contains latest trends and development in the Computer/IT field.

The faculties are trained to provide a strong knowledge of fundamentals and advanced topics in the field of computer engineering therefore helping the students to build a strong knowledge regarding the subject. To make the students aware of industrial work there is a subject in the final semester where students undertake a project from industry and go for industrial training.

Academic Year 2018-2019


   Teaching Scheme

Semester 1

   Computer Engineering Sem - 1 Syllabus

Semester 2

   Computer Engineering Sem -2 Syllabus

Semester 3

   Computer Engineering Sem - 3 Syllabus

Semester 4

   Computer Engineering Sem - 4 Syllabus

Semester 5

   Computer Engineering Sem - 5 Syllabus

Semester 6

   Computer Engineering Sem - 6 Syllabus
Syllabus Last Updated : 10-08-2022