curriculum of electrical

The electrical engineering program strives to develop electrical engineering graduates who can achieve fulfilling careers in the areas of engineering practice, professional growth and service. They utilize the knowledge acquired during the three years to develop professional skills in applied areas such as Electrical power system, Electrical machine and Switch gear and protection. Industrial training courses are offered in the 3rd year. The expectations of the accomplishments and characteristics of their career in these areas are the objectives of the electrical engineering program.

Academic Year 2018-2019


   Diploma Electrical Engineering Teaching Scheme 2022-25

Semester 1

   Electrical Engineering Sem 1 Syllabus

Semester 2

   Electrical Engineering Sem 2 Syllabus

Semester 3

   Electrical Engineering Sem 3 Syllabus

Semester 4

   Electrical Engineering Sem 4 Syllabus

Semester 5

   Electrical Engineering Sem 5 Syllabus

Semester 6

   Electrical Engineering Sem 6 Syllabus
Syllabus Last Updated : 06-08-2022