Industrial Visit at Raiya Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted on January 28th, 2019 @ 11:46am

Date: 30 /07/2018

Branch: Civil Engineering

Semester: 5th 

No. of Participants: 25

Summary of the Industrial Visit: 

Students of 5th semester were gone for industrial visit at Sewage Treatment Plant, Raiyadhar Rajkot on 30th July, 2018.  25 students from 5th semester civil engineering department school of diploma studies had delightfully participated in this visit with faculty Mr. Ilyas Mathakiya.

During the visit, students were informed about basic details related to waste water, impurities and it’s properties, how it is collected and reached to the treatment plant, and at last about process of waste water treatment discarded by household water from west zone of Rajkot city. Students were gone through different treating units like Inlet chamber, Screen Units, Grit chamber, Primary settling tank, Aeration tank, Secondary settling tank, Sludge digesters.

The details of this treatment plant are as follows:

  • Inaugurated by our honorable C.M. Narendra Modi in 2007,
  • It’s capacity is 51 MLD,
  • It is working by 11 kv power supply and uses 300 kv/day,
  • Average 20 to 22 MLD water came for treatment everyday during in this rainy season.