• All the classrooms are particularly designed keeping the students and the teaching methodology in mind. The classrooms are audio-visually equipped with modern amenities
  • Most classrooms have a large writing surface where the instructor or students can share notes with other members of the class. Many classrooms also have TVs, maps, charts, books, monographs and LCD projectors for presenting information and images from a computer
  • Commodious fully furnished classrooms provides a clean, healthy and sanitized environment to study
  • We have eco-friendly classrooms which include features such as day lighting, high air quality, temperature control, and smart automation. Automating these features ensures that classroom occupants can focus on their learning while being as environmentally friendly as possible


  • The school has unique facilities of Library and Resource which add bizarre knowledge andinformation in developing one’s intelligence.
  • The Central Library-E-Resource Centre has comprehensive information resources that are useful for academic and research purpose. It has a large collection of books, journals, DVDs, etc.
  • Library contains comprehensive collection of altered subject books and recourses which aid to enhance knowledge and practicality of particular issue in depth.
  • The library also subscribes to newspapers in English and Gujarati besides magazines in the fields of sports, business, health, politics etc.
  • Library provides innovative, responsive, and effective services that will meet the changing needs of the academic community.
  • Informative magazines and good books are the craze for the students. They visit library and carry out silent reading which is an integral part of the time table.
  • New books are added regularly to the library. The books which motivate the children to pursue a particular line for their career are also being acquired.
  • English and Hindi newspapers keep the students abreast with the latest happenings in the world.
  • We also endow with the intensity details of contemporary research data and research documents which can be used extensively for academic and research purpose.
  • Our library keeps in touch with the all scholarly latest developments news and provides all-inclusive advanced information to the students.
  • Library provides a wide range of books, periodicals, e-resources, and other media at suitable levels for the requirements of the institution


  • The school hostels provide to both boys and girls, accommodating them in separate, well ventilated and airy building blocks. The facilities provided for boarding and lodging by the school ensure a safe and comfortable stay of students
  • The dormitories are attached with box rooms, changing rooms and bath rooms having running hot and cold water. A lounge and small recreation room with indoor games are also possessed by each hostel
  • The clothes are washed in fully automatic laundry, to maintain hygiene and disinfections
  • Each hosteller is given a comfortable bed, independent racks for clothes and shoes in use and a mini cupboard to secure toiletries.
  • We ensure personalized counseling to help students adjust to the demands of the school life and develop inter-personal relationships
  • The school has a well equipped kitchen which provides hygienic food and is manned by qualified and trained chefs
  • Twenty four hour medical service is available in the school infirmary. This infirmary will be manned by a trained and experienced nurse and well equipped to meet all students of minor injuries and general illnesses. A panel of doctors is to visit the school for routine check-up of students