15/11/2014 Expert talk on Micro controller Programming & Interfacing View Detail
11/11/2014 Expert talk on Wireless Communication View Detail
01/10/2014 Seminar on industrial Automation View Detail
27/09/2014 Industrial visit to 133/32kv substation View Detail
27/09/2014 Expert talk on Vibration & Underwater welding View Detail
25/09/2014 Expert talk on Underwater welding View Detail
24/09/2014 Expert talk on Advancement in Pump Technology View Detail
22-23/09/2014 Industrial visit to Bhoomi Casting View Detail
19/09/2014 Industrial visit to Ashok Generators View Detail
06/09/2014 Workshop on SEO & Current trends in digital marketing View Detail
29/08/2014 Industrial visit to Silver Pumps Pvt Ltd. View Detail
25/08/2014 Workshop on Ajax & Jquery View Detail
09/08/2014 Industrial visit at FLOTECH ENGINEERING PVT LTD View Detail
09/08/2014 Industrial visit at FALCON PUMPS PVT. LTD. View Detail
8/8/2014 seminar on "Overview on Short term course on CAD/CAM(Pro.E,Unigraphics)" View Detail
17/07/2014 seminar on "Product life cycle management using Unigraphics, UGNX CAM" View Detail
26-04-2014 Visit to INS Valsura View Detail
21/22-03-2014 Industrial visit to Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd View Detail
21-03-2014 Industrial visit to Gopal Namkeen Pvt Ltd. View Detail
19-03-2014 Expert talk on Audio Systems View Detail
14-03-2014 Expert talk on Advance Electrical Machine View Detail
13-03-2014 Workshop on "Electrical Auto - CAD" View Detail
07-03-2014 Industrial visit to Pipavav Port View Detail
08-03-2014 Visit at Acquaintsoft Group Of Company (AGC) View Detail
01-03-2014 Industrial Visit to Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia Colony, Nr. Baroda View Detail
08-02-2014 Industrial visit to Gujarat Mineral development Corporation Ltd View Detail
08-02-2014 Industrial visit to Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Ltd. View Detail
07-02-2014 Industrial visit to Parle Products Ltd View Detail
07-02-2014 Industrial visit to Suzlon Energy Ltd View Detail
04-02-2014 industrial visit at Astra Life Care Pvt Ltd. View Detail
10-12/10/2013 3 day workshop on Embedded 'C' using Microcontroller for 8051 View Detail
05-10-2013 visit to Bhaskaracharya Institute For Space Applications and Geo-Informatics View Detail
19-09-2013 Expert talk on "Fundamentals of Dynamics of Structure" View Detail
30-09-2013 Viist to Digital Radio Mondiale View Detail
25-09-2013 visit to Balaji wafers Pvt Ltd, Rakjot View Detail
10-09-2013 visit to substation at Leinter shiram Mfg. Pvt ltd View Detail
14-09-2013 visit to Nyari Water Treatment Plant & Aadarsh Dream Project, Rajkot View Detail
14-09-2013 Visit to RMC Plant, Rajkot & Adaarsh Dream, Rajkot View Detail
12-09-2013 Industrial Visit to Capson Tiles Pvt Ltd, Morbi View Detail
10-09-2013 Industrial Visit to All India Radio, Rajkot View Detail
10-09-2013 expert talk on Microsoft Technologies by Prof. Amit Lathigra & Prof. Ashwin Raiyani View Detail
24-08-2013 Industrial Visit at Silver Engineering Company View Detail
23-08-2013 Industrial Visit to Amul Dairy View Detail
21-08-2013 Industrial Visit At Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd View Detail
19-08-2013 Industrial visit to Pelican Rotoflex Pvt Ltd View Detail
16/17-08-2013 Industrial visit to SUVIK Electronics Pvt. Ltd View Detail
16/17-08-2013 Industrial visit to Amtech Electronics Pvt Ltd View Detail
16/17-08-2013 Industrial visit to Bhaskaracharya Institute for Space Applications and Geo-informatics. View Detail
16/17-08-2013 Industrial Visit to Mordern Communication & Broadcast Systems Pvt Ltd View Detail
10-08-2013 Expert Talk on "Industrial Automation" by Prof.Devang U Shah View Detail
12/13-08-2013 Industrial Visit to Riddhi Display Pvt Ltd View Detail
12/13-08-2013 Industrial Visit to Galaxy Chains Pvt Ltd View Detail
01/03-08-2013 Workshop on AutoCAD & PRO.E View Detail
01-08-2013 Workshop on Autodesk View Detail
08-08-2013 Industrial Visit to Flowtech Engineering Pvt Ltd. View Detail
10-04-2013 Industrial visit to Geeta Impex Ltd ,Jamnagar View Detail
10-04-2013 Industrial visit to Thermal Power Station, Sikka & Kandala Port, Vadinar View Detail
02-04-2013 Expert talk on how to get your dream job View Detail
30-03-2013 Project competition held at SDS View Detail
26-03-2013 Industrial Visit at Prasar Bharti View Detail
23-03-2013 Industrial visit at Ravi Technoforge Pvt. Ltd, Rajkot View Detail
22-03-2013 Industrial visit “ISRO" at Ahmedabad. View Detail
20-03-2013 Industrial Visit to GERI View Detail
18-03-2013 Workshop on Autodesk & revit Architecture by Mr Jignesh Prajapati, Owner of Square solutions, for 4th sem students of Civil Engg. View Detail
15/16-03-2013 Workshop on PCB & Simulation View Detail
11-03-2013 Workshop on Microcontroller using Embeded C by Mr Vishal Chauhan to 6th sem students of EC View Detail
05-03-2013 Industrial visit at Galaxy Chains Pvt Ltd of 134 for 2nd sem, Mechanical engineering View Detail
04-03-2013 Expert talk on "Switch gear & Protection" by Mr. J.N.Gandhi,GETCO, Rajkot for 4th sem students of Electrical Engineering. View Detail
04-03-2013 Industrial visit at Balaji Wafers Pvt Ltd, Rajkot for 2nd sem students of EC & CE. View Detail
04-03-2013 Industrial Visit at Kelvin refrigeration, Shapar Veraval, rajkot for 6th sem students of EC View Detail
02-03-2013 Industrial visit to Amul Dairy, Rajkot, of 95 students of EC & CE View Detail
08-02-2013 Seminar on HAM Radio: A Fascinating Hobby View Detail
08-02-2013 Industrial visit at 33/132 kv substation & Wind Power Plant of Astra Life Care Pvt Ltd.Jasdan View Detail
06/07-02-2013 Workshop on "Ethical Hacking & IT Security"by Mr Dev Rathod(CEO of Prediqnuos at Ahmedabad, Cyber crime investigator and Forensic expert) View Detail
06-02-2013 Seminar on Automobile designing & BAJA SAE(event by Mahindra) View Detail